Logistics for chemicals and hazardous goods

Wardi S.A. specialises in logistics for chemicals and dangerous goods, while complying fully with relevant EU regulations. This includes materials such as flammables, corrosives, toxics, primary materials for chemical industry, marine chemicals, paints, inks, plant protection, detergents, cosmetics etc

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General information

The warehouses in Aspropyrgos are newly built to high safety standards and are located in an Industrial Area where the storage of such hazardous materials is permitted. The 2.20m concrete shell which surrounds the warehouse acts as a natural holding tank for liquid waste in the event of major accidents.

Warehouse safety equipment
  • Automatic fire detection and sprinkler system connected to our security company. The sprinkler system is connected to an independant water reservoir
  • Liquid waste collection tank, incase of major accident
  • Foam extinguishers for specific chemical materials
  • Mobile fire extinguishers of all sizes and categories, in accordance with our active fire-protection studies
  • Showers and eye baths in case of an accident
  • All necessary personal protection items
  • Palette and barrel leakage containment tank
  • Closed circuit television system (CCTV) with motion activated cameras. The system is remotely monitored by our online security company during closing hours
  • Burglar alarm, connected to our security company
  • Regular guard patrol during closing hours

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